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Submission information

Abstracts should contain 300 to 600 words and should be submitted in any of the following formats: doc, docx, odt, or rtf. Please do not submit PDF files. One to three references are permitted in the abstract.

Your abstract should contain the following information:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Author affiliation and contact information

Please name your file using your surname or surnames in capital letters (ex. SEBEOK.doc).

Presentations usually last for 30 minutes, including questions.

The deadline will be open until March 25. Thank you for your interest!

Submission form
Conference topics

We particularly welcome research in all the following topics, but all areas related to biosemiotics are welcome.

  • Biosemiotic approaches to biology
  • The implications of biosemiotics to philosophy and the humanities
  • History and epistemology of biosemiotics
  • Semiotic approaches in theoretical biology
  • Evolution and ontogeny of semiotic mechanisms
  • Modelling of semiosis and semiotic networks
  • Endosemiotics
  • Interspecies semiosis
  • Experimental biosemiotics
  • Zoosemiotics
  • Ecosemiotics
  • Cognitive Semiotics
  • Biosemiotics of health and disease
  • Umwelt studies and phenomenology
  • Cultural implications of biosemiotics
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